So back to the quick starter guide to finding childcare! You can get the BC government’s review of childcare options for newcomers here.

The briefer version is – that In BC, four main options are available:

  • word of mouth or relatives – but – limited if nothing comes up
  • daycares – formal or home based – but – long wait lists
  • traditional nanny agencies – but – high fees many families simply can’t afford
  • websites – specialised or general online ads – but usually either free which means more work for you or paid with limited functionality when you enter.

myBestHelper takes all the lessons I have learned over the years from all of these methods and makes a better solution, all for an affordable flat membership rate, cancellable as soon as you find the person you need. And we are so confident that you will love us, that we are now extending a 2 week free trial for parents: click here to get started! Try it – we think you’ll like it! (and if there is anything missing, tell us how we make it a better experience for you)

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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