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Girl playing on the beach in Vancouver in the rain

As record breaking wetness descends onto Vancouver, how does one get restless young ones to have a bit of fun? There is always the option of dressing up for the elements and heading out: the beach and the forests are wonderful places when transformed by the rain. So are the neighboring ski hills – Cypress, Grouse and Seymour – except instead of rain they are transformed by snow and sometimes as one gets to the top – they are basking in sunshine as the city is submerged into low clouds of grayness.

And if you decide to stay indoors, there are many ideas available too. An outing to the Art or Science museums or the Aquarium, the library or the new lovely Indigo sections for kids.

Staying home – some new ideas of things to do come from books and blogs, but increasingly from Pinterest – and some of our favorite ideas are on our Fun crafts for kids board. I have never seen such simple and effective ways to amuse kids! From DIY ball runs to butterfly foot prints to make your own prints, they use materials you probably already have around the house. The other board that comes handy is the Healthy fun kids recipes – yes, with some nice music, the kitchen can become reminiscent of the “Sound of cooking”!

I also really like the “Play treasure hunters.” games, a suggestion from Catherine Holecko, from “This is one of those rainy day activities that requires a little advance parental prep, but is always a big hit with kids (whether it’s raining or not, really!). Stash clues around the house (adjust difficulty based on the ages of your kids; use picture cues for little ones, tricky puns for older children), directing kids to hunt for a hidden prize.”

And you – what would you suggest?

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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