With the weekend coming up, it would be nice to go out with family and friends and have the kids enjoy an environment that is fun and most welcoming to them too. Luckily there are quite a few places in town that offer that option beyond the usual restaurant chains.

If you want a stylish, yet comfortable environment with great coffee and food and a fun play area for kids, you can’t go wrong with Kokopelli Cafe (4593 Dunbar St, corner 30th in the heart of Dunbar) or with Little Nest (1716 Charles Street, just off Commercial Drive, East Vancouver). I love both spaces for how unique and original they are, my kids – because of how unique and original they make them feel.

There are two other coffee places in town that have great food that kids love and a fun child space to play: Café Deux Soleils on 2096 Commercial Dr. has a big black board kids can draw on and Plaisir Sucre French Bakery on 2668 Arbutus St close to 10th has a nice collection of toddler toys.

Another great restaurant with a play area is the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. Their pizza is delicious, but it’s certainly not the only option – with a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you just HAVE to try their family pizza making nights – yes, kids and you will love making your own unique version. Yum! There are two locations at 1876 W 1st Avenue in Kitsilano, and at 4186 Main Street, one block South of King Edward.

And you – where do you like to take your kids to eat out?

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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