iphone oct 2012 059Today we celebrated Mother’s Day – a celebration the origins of which we are not all too familiar with (I learned a lot from this fun video on Mother’s day from History.com and from this link about the connection to the peace in the world movement), but apparently we collectively create quite the activity whirl:

  • 2 billion  = total number of mothers in the world
  • 2.5 billion = total amount of $ spent in the US on Mother’s day cards and flowers
  • #1 request from mothers = for kids not to argue (I totally agree with this one!)
  • 4 out of 5 dads take over mother’s responsibilities on Mother’s Day
  • Mother’s Day has the HIGHEST volume of phone calls of any day of the year.

Interestingly, compared to ten years ago, 14% of people are more likely to stay in DAILY contact with their parents due to lower price of long distance and to email and texting. So technology can indeed bring us closer 😉

But that was not the point that I wanted to make. The daily stat brought to mind that we should be celebrating more than once a year the work that mother’s do and the bond that they have created.  Yes, what mothers really want, beyond cards, and flowers, and kids not arguing (and all of those are nice indeed!), yes, what they really want is love and support and recognition on a daily basis. And encouragement to take care of themselves first – similar to instructions we get in airplanes, as without the oxygen on us first, there is no helping others.

So tomorrow, please go out of your way to hug a mom, be it yours or someone else’s and encourage her to take a moment to enjoy herself. We have gathered some cool ideas on our Pinterest – Empowering Moms board – do you have others to suggest?

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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