Wordle: Thank you Father

Dads are awesome! So many care deeply and spend so much time patiently connecting with their children. It’s nice to celebrate that everyday and especially so, at Father’s day.

A 2013 survey says if you ask a hundred dads want they want for Father’s day, surprisingly over 30% would say that they would prefer to not celebrate it at all. The remainder split into three different and about equally sized groups:

  • some who would like their children to take them out to dinner
  • an equal percentage would like something electronic or sports-related
  • and a third, hoping for something homemade this year. 

However, a much smaller percentage of the respondents said they plan to give their dads something they have made for them, so here is a quick series of ideas to remedy this gap and get dad something with a more personal touch this year:

  • A series of photos of the kids holding up a message for dad, one word at the time or use a great free site like ShapeCollage to put together photos you already have into a beautifully shaped message;
  • A framed list of things dad does that kids love – done in different fonts – see example or you can use a free service like Wordle to create a word cloud;
  • A date with mom – a Babycenter survey in fact said 2/3rds of Dads would love some time alone with Mom for father’s day. Whether you get grandparents or friends to help, or book a sitter, many dads would be surprised and pleased at an impromptu grown up time, acknowledging the man within the father role. And yes, myBestHelper can help with that 😉

Whatever you choose to do, hug a dad on Father’s day and say “Thank you!”. And do so often in the days and months following, no excuse required!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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