myBestHelper is thrilled to present our first set of webinars, answering all your important questions about child and home care.  Everything from the going childcare rate to finding the “right fit” and all the rest in between will be discussed with myBestHelper’s CEO and co-founder, Alexandra T. Greenhill, and Community Manager, Haley Cameron.

We’ve been inspired to organize these webinars to help families and helpers succeed. “Essentially we want to help real families find real help and real helpers find real employers,” says Alexandra.

A mother of three and with over a decade of experience finding and managing nannies and babysitters, Alexandra has developed expertise in what really works.  Because she often found this process very difficult, she started sharing her time-tested advice and best tips with families and caregivers in sessions that often gathered the highest praises from the audience. Now she brings her know-how in this online experience.

We invite all parents who want to know more about finding the best caregivers for their family to join us and dozens of other families in our free Webinar for parents on Thursday, June 27th – 1pm PST (Vancouver), 2pm MST (Calgary) or 4pm EST (Toronto) by registering on this link:

If you are an awesome caregiver and want to become even better while learning what families really want in a helper, please join us for a free Webinar for helpers on Thursday, June 27th – 10am PST (Vancouver), 11pm MST (Calgary) or 1pm EST (Toronto) by registering on this link:

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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