Sand painting – a kids’ rendering of an octopus!

Ever get to the beach and forget your sand toys? Worry no more as you now will have a handful of activities to give kids that will occupy them for a while!

1. Do a sand painting ask them to do different shapes that are fairly flat (see photo above of our kids take on an octopus). They can do from the simplest things like fish or crabs to more demanding shapes like dolphins and mermaids.

2. Write your name on the sand using whatever you find on the beach – acceptable items include seashells, rocks, drift wood, branches, algae, footprints… For older kids the assignment could be to do it the biggest way possible.

3. Do the tallest possible modern art sculpture – they need to assemble driftwood and rocks in a way that stands tall and has some sort of meaning to them.

4. Build a solar clock – all they need is rocks or shells and a stick in the center. When no sticks were to be found, we just made it larger and substituted the stick with a person in the middle! if there is more time, each kid can do their own clock and find different ways to write the numbers. Once it’s built, kids can practice telling time…

5. Create a nature museum – get them to put together a display of all of the different things they find on the beach – get them to classify the rocks and shells they find based on color and type.

Hope you have fun and send me any ideas you have about how to have fun in the sun?

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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