One of the best things about summer is the fact that kids can finally play outside! Anything to do with water usually evokes heaps of laughter and excitement from our little ones and even though there are tons of water activities out there, we want to share with you two ideas that will keep your kids entertained, engaged and educated. The best part about these water activities is that they can be done outside as well as inside the house.

1. Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

Great idea from Emma, author of UK blog “My Little 3 and Me”!

Emma (blogger, teacher and a mom-of-three) came up with a creative way of exploring spring  and summer nature by making a beautiful Sensory Bottle and decorating it with sparkles, glitter and real flowers. It is a fun, day-long project that you can start at the park and finish at home. Also it is a great way to teach your kids about the flowers and plants they have collected while they play with their bottle of art.

2. Magic Treasure Ice

From Crystal’s blog on learning through messy play

Growing a Bejeweled Rose: Learning and Loving through messy play” is another great and useful kids activities blog created by Crystal, a mom of two. Among a variety of awesome activities, the one that really stood out is the idea of making magic, colorful ice cubes with baking soda hidden inside treasures. Adding color, baking soda and vinegar to the melting ice creates great color patterns and encourages kids sensory and creativity skills while having fun.

Kristina Lebed is a Community Manager for myBestHelper

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