It always amazed me how well mothers manage their time and just get things done. Taking care of one child alone is a hectic job, but many moms gracefully handle two or more. In fact, I noticed that the more children moms have, the better they can manage their time. Being fascinated by this parenting ability to stretch out their 24 hours and accomplish what I probably wouldn’t be able to complete in a week, I asked a few moms how they are doing it. So what’s their secret?

Almost unanimously, the first response I got was, “Well, it’s not like we have a choice!” Fair enough. But when pressed to give an answer, the secret emerges that they have a system. In fact, not one system but many different systems within systems all intertwined into one packed cosmic super system where things just work, and if they don’t – there is a system for that as well.

If you are a parent already, the system-secret is probably familiar to you. So in this blog, we want to share four time-saving, which are extremely useful when it comes to creating an effective system.

1. Focus on what is important: Life is not perfect and there are some things that are really not worth the fight and energy. For example, if the most important room in the house is your bedroom, than make it your perfect sanctuary and tackle the rest of the house some other day.

2. Be prepared: Seems like a very basic principle, but something that requires some planning. One mom told me that having emergency bags packed with coloring books, change of cloths and snacks can save a lot of precious time when an unplanned outing happens. Another mom of three buys two pairs of shoes and clothes – the current size and one higher, to avoid too frequent trips to the store with rapidly growing kids.

3. Ask and accept help: Too many parents are quick to politely decline an offer of help be it for childcare or around the house or to run an errand – but learning to ask and accept help is a key element of happy management of a household.

4. Get the kids to help: A mom of four I know gets her kids to help her. Even though the eldest twin girls are just five years old, they love helping by folding laundry, organizing toys, playing with younger siblings and even laying out their own clothing for the next day. At the very least, starting when 18 months old, getting them to tidy up toys and books is a huge time saver and sets them up with good habits for life.

5. Don’t forget about yourself: Taking a little break to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or pampering is a must for parents! No matter how efficient, you can get overloaded and need to recharge every now and then. Just remember the airplane advisory about putting oxygen on you first, because it is the ONLY way to ensure you can help others survive. And no excuses – if you don’t have any friends or family members who could look after your kids, then hire a professional! There are people out there whom you can trust and who can add an element of fun for the kids. Some of the nannies we have on myBestHelper have more than 15 years of childcare experience and are fully qualified to look after your little ones for a few hours – the time that you need to regain serenity and harmony in your life.

If you got some more tips on how to build an awesome parenting system that saves time, please share!

Kristina Lebed, Social media and marketing coordinator myBestHelper

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