There are more articles and books about the stress of being parents nowadays. It clearly is not easy to raise kids.

Why? High expectations placed on us by society, kids (and also us). So many perceived and real dangers. Juggling costs, work and responsibilities to extended family. And on top of that families have to deal with stressful periods related to illness, divorce, job loss, accidents and tragedies.

No wonder so many parents find it hard to cope!

We created myBestHelper to make this journey easier. Give people more and better options while saving time and effort required. Some families need and can hire help – they can do so now using our site. Still to come are nanny sharing and service exchange options. As you send us ideas, we build out the plan for what the service should look like, and it looks less and less like an agency providing leads to potential hires, and more and more like a place where you get to meet fabulous people who can help – some paid and some in exchange for help you can offer.

All these moments of quiet panic – (you know, when call or email changes your schedule or your kids schedules, and suddenly you need to figure out how to make it all work?) – gone. Yes, transformed by the knowledge that there are many options of assistance easily accessible to you.

From an idea, the concept is now reality (see myBestHelper/helpers to understand why) and getting better every day. And great companies we admire have given us advice and support along the way. As a passionate Airbnb user myself, I love for example how generous their team has been with sharing how they grew from a concept to a service that excels in so many ways.

Another great company has recently committed to helping us be even better faster. Invoke Labs, a digital innovation company that helped launch Hootsuite and Foodee (eat better at work) and Sprout (wellness at work) and many others, has welcomed us as company-in-residence this week. See media coverage and their blog.

We will be getting the help we need to help you even better.  Invoke Labs are passionate about technology helping people. They excel in taking innovative concepts and making them amazing. And they will be working with us now. Yes, helping us give modern families like yours more options – so there is more time spent living and having fun.

So how can you help? Keep writing to us with your fantasy scenarios of “it would be amazing if…”. We can’t make them all reality (at least not yet!), but some we have been able to put in place as technology nowadays can make complicated things possible and easy.

Just e-mail me direct at Tell me your story, your challenges and your wishlist. And thank you to all who have already done that. You are the fabulous tribe that makes myBestHelper so great already!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, mother of three, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

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