Google Doodle to celebrate Universal Children's Day
Google Doodle to celebrate Universal Children’s Day

Today is Universal Children’s Day, a day created to celebrate children’s rights and to initiate action to promote children’s health, safety and happiness.

Here are a couple of ideas for celebrating Children’s Day with your family.

Explore Different Cultures

Take the time today to explore what day-to-day life is like for children all over the world. What is it like to grow up in France? In Japan? In Uganda? You can turn this into a game by spinning a globe (don’t have a globe? Use google earth) —> drop your finger on a country and talk about what it’s like to grow up there and how it’s different from Canada. If you don’t know much about living in that particular country, no worries! Talk about the climate, the language or any other things you know and ask the kids to make guesses about how that could make life different.

A great resource to share with your kids is the Families of the World collection. On their youtube channel, you can watch two-minute snippets that give you a sense of what life is like for a child in countries all over the world.

Help a Child Close to Home

Another great way to celebrate Children’s Day with your family is to help children right in your community through different charity organizations. If you’re in BC, some great organizations to look into are 1. Kids’ Help Phone, a place where children can reach out by phone when they’re in need, 2. Kids Up Front, an organization that helps kids get access to arts, culture and sport, and 3. Vancouver Sun’s Adopt a School, an initiative to help feed BC kids who go to school hungry. Check out their website, donate/share as a family and talk about the impact your small action could have on a child’s life.

I wish you a great Universal Children’s Day.

Stephanie Phillips, Community Manager, myBestHelper

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