International Women’s Day March 8th came and went this year, somewhat subdued by being on a Saturday as it happens. I am always intrigued by what stories emerged that helped recognize its significance in some memorable or novel way. This year, these 3 stories emerged as #mustsee:

– Most Awesome: Video of WestJet saluting women in aviation, especially a week after a male passenger left a napkin in one of their planes complaining that he wasn’t told the pilots on his flight were women – priceless!

– Most Novel: Infographic re: the 10 women adventure travelers – lots of names I had not seen before.

– Fun to watch: the IWD Google Doodle. Ryan Germick, Google doodle’s team leader explained it was a quick glimpse into what some women across the world are doing. It’s a really fun video and concentrates on the universal positive aspects.

And last but not least, I #loved #loved #loved the call from @starwars on Twitter to change this to the Intergalactic Women’s Day:


Alexandra T. Greenhill, definitely proud to be a woman 😉 any day and every day

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