April 1, 2014 – Reblogged from yoyomama.ca (an awesome site for events!)

Squee! It’s about time! Facebook has finally come to its senses with the launch of Facebook Junior, a niche social media sharing platform designed specifically for kids from 2 to 13.

Let’s face it, we mums enjoy our Facebook time so why shouldn’t our kiddos? Honestly, sometimes leaving the house for playdates is too exhausting to consider what with the bags, snacks, spare clothes, toy requests and last-minute bathroom runs. Add in torrential rain and an interminable spring break, and we see this as a great indoor activity. Plus it gives our kids a leg up in the digital sphere, allows them to make new friends, and learn new skills! Talk about a win, win, win!

Facebook Junior makes it easy for the kids to connect online to chat, play interactive games and widen their social circle. Remember pen pals? Writing back and forth with friends in far flung countries and learning about new cultures and traditions was a highlight for us growing up in the pre-digital age. With Facebook Junior and its flexible privacy settings, it’s possible to do it all online. Our kids can now makes friends all over the world without worrying about paper, pens, stamps and that pesky trek to the mailbox.

With easy peasy photo uploads, games that range from ABCs and puzzles to managing your allowance, we can’t wait to “friend” our kiddos on Facebook Junior!

Still reading? Gotcha! Happy April Fools Day!

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