The Children’s Festival has been going strong since 1978 and we see 3 reasons why your kids HAVE to go:

1. Experiencing delight.

Magic is an important part of childhood and live performances bring magic into 3D life in a way that is unparalleled by any other medium. Just like in the Rise of the Guardians 3D computer-animated fantasy film, produced by DreamWorks / Paramount Pictures, Jack Frost was the guardian of childhood’s well-being and he brought children fun and laughter. (So yes, attending the festival is first and foremost FUN!)

2. Expanding mindsets:

With 300 performers from all over the world, this festival brings stories and perspectives to kids that they would not have otherwise been exposed to. (So yes, there is an educational component too!)

3. Encountering emotions:

The performing arts are a great medium for seeing how others deal with events and emotions. It gives children memorable examples of what to do and what not to do in a given situation, through role play or with humor. (So last but not least, yes, there is a character forming component too!)

There are now children’s festivals in most cities, and no doubt near you too. How old should kids be? Two and older will find something to enjoy, and personally I find 5 to 8 years olds are the most amazed by the experience. That said, a colleague who runs the most excellent “Adopt a School” program here in Vancouver, related a story to me of bringing a band of “hard” teens to a theater show – they left mesmerized that (unlike with television) what one saw from one end of the seated rows was completely different from the other end! Talk about a change in perspective!!!

One of our dreams as a team is to grow to be big enough to sponsor these types of awesome events EVERYWHERE that there are kids. In the meantime we can support by helping spread the word about them. See you there! 🙂

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Mom of three, CEO cofounder myBestHelper

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