Today we’re celebrating our 1000th job posted! That’s like 1000 cheesecakes, 1000 singing swallows, 1000 landings on the moon!… At least to us. And we hope you found joy as well on this adventure with us.
Because it has been an adventure. We’ve come a long way from our first job post, one incidentally that our CEO created herself as she urgently needed a great helper for her family. Since then we’ve added new questions, new features, new views! And that’s all thanks to you, so we want to take this moment to say 1000 THANKS for your feedback, THANKS for your support and THANK YOU for taking a chance on us! I hope we’ll see you again along this journey as we head toward our 2000th trip into awesome.
Finally, keep an eye on us in the next few weeks…. our job wizard may be getting a makeover very soon….

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