There’s always a sense of panic when we have to decide what to get our mothers when this occasion approaches. Flowers? Brunch? Spa gift certificates?

myBestHelper’s CEO, Alexandra T. Greenhill (who is a physician mother of three) wrote an insightful blog post about her thoughts on Mother’s Day last year:

So, the best Mother’s Day gift ever for me wouldn’t be chocolate, flowers or presents. What I really want is a helping hand when I am carrying groceries out of store with a toddler on my hip, someone to hold the door as I push a stroller into a building, a supportive smile when my angelic child decides to throw a huge temper tantrum in the candy isle. What I really want is people being really OK with me being late a few minutes to a meeting as the morning to school routine had some snag that led to a domino chain of delays.

What I really want is a hug at the time I least expect it, a note from friends who still care about me even if we have not met in ages, a simple text to say “You are doing great job. It can’t always be easy, but keep at it – you ROCK!”

The article is worth a revisit. Just keep in mind this Sunday that Mother’s Day isn’t just about one day of big gifts – it should be about remembering to be grateful for mothers every single day!

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