We know Father’s Day isn’t just about making tie-shaped cards for our beloved dads. Sure, they’re very nice to have, but we value time spent with them above anything else! We found a great list with some inexpensive Father’s Day ideas on how to make him feel the most special on this holiday.

Our favourites include:



Dress your little one up the same as Dad. Having a mini me following you around? Nothing could be more perfect.

Sports Day


It’s basically summer, so that time could be spent outdoors passing the football or frisbee around, or spending the day in the park or the beach. If that isn’t your thing, there’s always tickets to a local sporting event, or watching Dad’s favourite team.

#Gratitude letters


It’s easy to show how much you care – write it in a heart-felt letter! Decorate it with a few pictures and crafts, and you’ll be surprised how something so simple can be so heartwarming. Feeling extra creative? Try our handprint hug card, perfect for every occasion!

You can read the rest of the list here!

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