If you haven’t heard, June is Bike Month – it’s something we celebrate here in myBestHelper office. This means we actively try to take public transit, walk, or bike to get to our destinations. This way, you help the environment, you aren’t stuck in awful traffic jams, and best of all, it’s good for your health!

We found some foolproof tips to encourage kids to enjoy pariticpating in this activity:

Customize bikes and bike helmets

Unleash your kids’ creativity! Have them paint and accessorize their gear so they can be proud of their very own personalized ride.

Add streamers, stickers, bike bells, baskets, the sky’s the limit!

Looking for inspiration? We found a wonderful mom who helped trick out her daughter’s ride here.

Bring along snacks

We suggest something healthy like smoothies and sliced fruit to keep them energized.

Have a destination

While unplanned bike journies are just as wonderful, we like paved bike trails for our adventures. Or, you could pick a destination so the kids will have something to look forward to aside from enjojying or finishing the trail – a nearby playground, or frozen yogurt stand is always a popular choice!

A few more tips can be found here.

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