Canada Day is almost here! We’re a proudly Canadian company, decorating our office with all sorts of red and white. We celebrate our Canadian pride the same way as everyone else – with lots of good food and drinks. This is a fantastic recipe that has our national red and white colors, and is incredibly simple to make.


  • cherry tomatoes
  • mini bocconcini
  • bacon, cooked & cut into 1 inch pieces

To make the Canadian themed kabobs, thread a small skewer, or long toothpick, with a tomato, piece of bacon, bocconcini, bacon, tomato in that order.

On the next skewer, alternate the bocconcini and tomato order – thread a bocconcini, bacon, tomato, bacon and end with bocconcini. Alternate the different skewers on a serving platter.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

We found the original recipe here!

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