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Neil Squire Society: Award-winning not-for-profit celebrates 30 years

The Neil Squire Society is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation that helps people with significant physical disabilities achieve greater independence through the development, adaptation, and use of innovative services and technology for the home and workplace. Neil Squire Society celebrates today 30 years of service. Go see the infographic on what has happened in those 3 decades, not the least of which is 30,000 people helped. You […]

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1000 High Fives for You!

Today we’re celebrating our 1000th job posted! That’s like 1000 cheesecakes, 1000 singing swallows, 1000 landings on the moon!… At least to us. And we hope you found joy as well on this adventure with us. Because it has been an adventure. We’ve come a long way from our first job post, one incidentally that our CEO created herself as […]